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We are very pleased to announce that as of April 2006 our office changed our name to Transcendental Stress Management (TSM) and became an independent meditation center. All TSM Instructors were originally trained and qualified to teach meditation by an international organization. In 2006 we were able to lower our course fees considerably while maintaining professional services, standardized instruction and a complete follow-up program. We never try to discourage people from learning meditation from any qualified teacher.

No Dependence, Nothing to Join or follow

One of the important policies we have at the Deerfield Beach Meditation Center is that of encouraging self-sufficiency. Our students can rely on this for all of our courses. We know students can learn to practice TSM Meditation without changing their beliefs or lifestyle. There is no group to join or dependence on any individual person or cult.

We provide a very professional service and teach our courses in a standardized, time-tested manner. Once learned, one becomes self-sufficient. One need not keep returning for support, clarification or behavior modification. The technique of meditation enables students to rid themselves of deep-rooted stresses and begin to make real and significant changes in their lives.

One of our students, an attorney from Palm Beach County, learned the technique from us over 10 years ago. Two weeks after learning he explained that he was no longer yelling at his children. The change occurs from within the person. Our organization has no interest in confronting students, judging their behavior or requiring they accept anything.

We work with a network of professionals who practice and recommend TSM to their clients. Should you need references we would be glad to provide them.

We now offer a variety of holistic programs to our students. Meditation instruction as well as free Introductory and follow-up group events have been offered by us on a regular basis since 1972.

We believe every student can rely on this teaching to reach that most refined and powerful state of inner silence, pure consciousness. Meditation can be valuable without becoming expensive. Students need not join or believe to get benefits. Learning is easy and the effects of meditation are good for all the people. And the benefits are cumulative, providing years of improvements to the quality of our lives.

Since we established our new center in 2006, we've taught many new students to meditate and provided many hours of free follow-up, all without ever having to compromise the ancient teachings. TSM continues to be taught in a systematic way. The ancient message is passed on in it's original and authentic formula. In this way every new student benefits from a method that is simple and reliable, without watering down the practice. Our goal has always been to keep this beautiful knowledge alive and maintain it's usefulness and correct instruction.

We hope you find the time to explore the the deeper aspects of meditation and empower yourself to create health, increase awareness and develop a state of enlightened living.

Mike Scozzari is the director of programs for the east coast and is the chairman of the Deerfield Beach Meditation Center. He spent over 3 years teacher training in Europe with his teacher from India. To date Mike has taught over 5,500 students this simple mental technique of meditation (TSM) and lectures extensively throughout south Florida. He was the assistant director and patient educator of the first Ayurveda Health Center in South Florida and was a tour coordinator for Deepak Chopra, M.D. in the early 90's.

Meditation Instructor Training Course

Meditation Instructor Advanced Training Course St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1976

Mike and hundreds of students received their training in-residence in the following locations: Mallorca, Spain, La Antilla, Spain, Gersau, Switzerland, Arosa, Switzerland, St. Moritz, Switzerland, Poland Spring, Maine, and Humbolt State College, California.

We continue to offer standardized instruction in Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda. These time-tested formulas improve health, reduce stress and connect us with our higher self. According to the extensive published and on-going research on the benefits of meditation, yoga and ayurveda (See www.pubmed.gov - NIH Web Site; Google 'research on meditation') students can improve their health, longevity, and life as a whole.

Roots in the ancient traditions

We respect the ancient knowledge with it's eternal authenticity in the vedic literature and practice. For thousands of years lovers of truth everywhere have marveled at the simplicity of vedic knowledge, universal truths of life that are available to all regardless of belief or religious convictions. As to a name for this knowledge someone made a good point when they said

... doesn't matter, as long as the man is getting something useful to make his life better, we are satisfied.

Our primary inspiration, and the source of the Vedic Meditation we teach, is Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev, who was the Shankaracharya of northern India 1940 to 1953. The Shankaracharya is the custodian of the knowledge tradition started by Shankara about 2,500 years ago. Shankara is well-known in India for leading a great revival of the Vedic Tradition of Knowledge, which includes the understanding and direct experience of the Unity of all life.

Our Theme

Transcendental Stress Management opens the awareness to the infinite reservoir of energy, creativity, and intelligence that lies deep within everyone. If a man is unhappy he has missed the very essence of life. If his intelligence, power, creativity, peace and happiness are not constantly developing, he has lost his direction. Life is not meant to be lived in dullness, idleness and suffering; these do not belong to the essential nature of life.

With the knowledge of the ancients contained in the Vedas, the oldest records of human life, we find a wealth of complementary knowledge about development of human consciousness (meditation), lifestyle and health recommendations (Ayurveda) and enhancement of the coordination of both mind and body (Yoga). These time-tested procedures are taught in the traditional way. Transcendental Stress Management approaches the need of our time to improve life by utilizing these formulas and adapting them to our modern lifestyles.

Make meditation practice a priority. Learn to connect with the source of thought, pure consciousness. A few minutes spent allowing our attention to move inward in meditation can enable us to see life with fresh eyes. After meditation take time to focus our minds on positive thoughts that affirm the well-being of the planet. We automatically become more aware of our ability to create change in the world with our thoughts, actions, and intentions. It is through positive thoughts and meditation that we learn to have compassion, feel empathy, and look for the good in every situation.

Please support us by using our services and recommending us to friends and family. Our effort is geared to the individual, the basic component of society. Balance of body, mind and spirit in the life of the individual raise the quality of life in the community, nation and world as at large.

Mike Scozzari

Mike Scozzari

Our headquarters are in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Email us at - Our mailing address is Transcendental Stress Management, P.O. Box 4731, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 * 954 354-0804. The newsletters are paid for with contributions from students. Your contributions go a long way toward bringing TSM to others.

To contribute to our center please make checks payable to WPBCAE c/o our address listed above. Your contributions go a long way toward bringing TSM to others. Special thanks go out to all who have supported us in the past. Your contributions are a great help!

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