Defining the experience of meditation

Are You under the impression that TSM Meditation is either mystical or difficult to do? It's NOT !

TSM is a simple, natural, effortless mental process that allows the mind to experience subtler and subtler levels of the thinking process until thinking is transcended and the mind comes into direct contact with the source of thought.

This meditation technique is an experience, and as such is sometimes difficult to describe.

Imagine describing the flavour of orange juice to, say an Eskimo, or if you happen to be an Eskimo, imagine describing the taste of blubber to someone from Florida.

So keeping in mind the limitations of words in describing experiences, lets continue by breaking down the above definition and define each component.

TSM IS ...

SIMPLE... Simple in that it's not complicated, intricate in either learning or practice.

NATURAL... It's one of the most natural things we can do, as natural as eating, speaking or sleeping.

EFFORTLESS ... Without effort, difficulty, trying, or concentration. And it's easy to learn and easy to practice.

MENTAL PROCESS... It takes place in the mind, although there are corresponding changes in the body, which we'll discuss later. It's good to point out here that it's not a mental exercise as the uninformed sometimes refer to it. Exercise implies work, effort, or stringent repetition and TSM Meditation includes none of these.

THAT ALLOWS THE MIND... Not forces, but allows the mind.

TO EXPERIENCE SUBTLER AND SUBTLER LEVELS OF THE THINKING PROCESS... Normally we experience thought on the surface level of the mind, in that so-called "5 to 15 percent" of our full mental capacity. During TSM we experience finer, quieter, more subtle levels of the thinking process, and we come directly into contact with that 85 to 95 percent of our mind that we do not normally use. This may sound eerie and mysterious, but the experience of it is, we assure you, quite natural and, indeed, pleasant.

UNTIL THINKING IS TRANSCENDED... "Transcended" means "go beyond." We "go beyond" the usual thinking process, in which we have "I" over here and whatever "I" is experiencing over there. The object of the perception, in the case of the TSM Meditation process a specific thought, becomes finer and finer until that object disappears. The "I" is left alone to experience it's own true nature.

AND THE MIND COMES INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE SOURCE OF THOUGHT... The "source of thought" is that field of pure energy that underlies and supports all of creation. It's been called many things throughout history, the Tao, the Kingdom of Heaven - and modern physicists like to call it the "Vacuum State", the state of least excitation.

First of all, it is creative. It becomes, shapes, and forms rather than remaining unmanifest "stuff". Secondly, it is intelligent. From the growth of a plant to the movement of the planets, all of creation is underscored by great order, symmetry, intelligence. So we can call this field of energy "pure<, or creative.

You need not believe a word of this explanation for the TSM method to work for you. As we pointed out earlier, this is simply a way of explaining an abstract experience in words. There are probably many meditation students who do no not believe in an underlying energy in nature, who receive and enjoy the tremendous benefits of the regular practice of the meditation technique in their daily lives, regardless of their beliefs.