Meet the Certified Teachers in So. Florida

Meditation instruction in TSM is something that is good for all people regardless of one's background, interests, ethnicity or religion. While any meditation is good meditation, we believe this technique is easier, deeper and more reliable than most other meditation practices available today. Taught in a standardized manner throughout the world, this simple, mental technique of meditation provides years of value with a relatively inexpensive, one-time course fee. There are no hidden costs or strict cult-like policies to follow.

[ photo: Mike Scozzari ]

Mike Scozzari

Mike Scozzari works full time as the director of the Transcendental Stress Management Program of South Florida, where he teaches with his wife, Maria. He learned the technique in 1968 and attended his Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Europe in 1972. Since then he has taught over 5,500 students in Florida and elsewhere. He earned his Bachelors degree in creative intelligence in Europe and studied with some of India's greatest experts in human potential. Mike was chairman and director of the Miami Meditation Center from 1973 to 1986, the Palm Beach County Center from 1989 to 1999, and the South Florida Center from 1999 to the present. He was the Assistant Administrator of the Ayurveda Health Center in Palm Beach in 1991 and worked as tour coordinator for Deepak Chopra, M.D. from 1990 to 1993.

Mike and his wife Maria currently reside in Deerfield Beach and travel throughout Florida offering introductory and advanced meditation courses in Spanish and English. Their travels also include meditation courses in Colombia, South America and San Francisco, California.

You can reach Mike at 954-354-0804 and 561-542-9200 or by email: .

[ photo: Dr. Mahapatra ]

Gyanendra Mahapatra, M.D., BBA

We are happy to announce that Dr Gyanendra Mahapatra, M.D., BBA, has become part of our center in South Florida. Dr Mahapatra is a medical doctor and oncologist and was born in Orissa, India. Dr Mahapatra became a teacher of meditation after medical school. Since then he has taught over 10,000 students this meditation, a world record, and insists that he prefers teaching meditation to practicing medicine. He regularly tours the United States and is a frequent guest to our meditation center in Deerfield Beach.

Dr. Mahapatra worked with our vedic teacher from India, a great rishi, in the capacity of Ambassador to many heads of state and was responsible for initiating and organizing meditation projects in countries in Africa and Asia. He is a trained teacher of the Advanced Meditation program as well as the Vedic Siddhis program and recruited and trained more than 7,000 young students (pandits) in India. Dr Mahapatra brings with him a lifetime of experience teaching meditation.

Our program is taught by certified teachers with years of experience teaching new students and providing free follow-up for those already instructed. One need not spend $1500 to become an expert in meditation. Please support us by using our services and recommending us to friends and family.

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