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TSM Fact Sheet

Transcendental Stress Management P.O. Box 4731 Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 561-542-9200

In a Time Magazine cover story in August 2003 it was reported that over 10 million people in the U.S. claim to practice a type of meditation every day.

TSM Meditation provides deep rest to the body and reduces insomnia. One of the reasons that insomnia is on the rise in America is the high stress levels and time pressures. Meditation engages the body's natural healing response and improves sleep.

Benefits to Mind and Body

  • Reduces stress and insomnia.
  • Improves relationships and self-confidence, increases problem-solving ability and creativity.
  • Reduces fear and other obstacles to spiritual growth.
  • Develops a quiet mind that helps us think clearly and enjoy life more.
  • Reduces breath rate enabling deep rest.
  • Increases problem solving ability and creativity.

Affordable programs easily adapted to busy lifestyles * Not a Religion

TSM Meditation is practiced twice a day sitting comfortably with eyes closed. This simple, natural mental technique has it's roots in the ancient vedic tradition of India. We are very pleased to announce that our office has changed our name and services. Instructor Mike Scozzari has 34 years teaching experience with over 5000 students and offers classes throughout South Florida.

Transcendental Stress Management does not involve mind-control or mental discipline; it is not concentration or eastern philosophy. You don't have to control your breathing or muscles. You don't even have to try to relax. You are learning a technique which facilitates a completely natural process: an ability which is ingrained in the nature of the mind. Subjects practicing TSM find that it is easy to practice in contrast to other techniques they might have learned. It is taught throughout South Florida in a standardized manner in a 5 step course. Once learned free follow-up lessons are available. This keeps the practice smooth, effortless and rewarding. In addition to meditation instruction, TSM includes optional lessons in yoga and ayurveda health education, all adapted to meditation practice.

TSM is a useful tool for health promotion and age management. Students practicing TSM daily consider it to be unique in the range and depth of its beneficial effects. TSM promotes deep physiological rest and improved overall psychological health resulting in less doctor visits and less absenteeism from work and school.

The practice of TSM meditation produces a unique style of breathing characterized by periodic cessations of the normal respiratory rhythm. The suspensions of breath during TSM occur spontaneously and naturally as part of a very comfortable experience of deep rest, and there is no shortage of breath during this time.

Seventy-five to ninety percent of all doctors visits are due to stress-related ailments and stress-related disorders. When under stress, your body produces chemicals that drain your mental energy and motivation. Stress triggers the over-production of neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and cortisol. With too much cortisol, you'll find it difficult to think clearly and experience unexplained mood swings. Studies found that lower cortisol levels during meditation indicate a state of deep rest that is deeper than ordinary relaxation (

One-time Course Fee

Our center is not affiliated with a large organization that is charging over $1400 for their course. Our teachers were trained and certified by a worldwide program and we now work independent of any organization. This allows us to keep our fees low and to maintain a local effort focused on our student’s needs.

Instruction in the TSM technique requires a reasonable, one-time tuition. The fee is a practical necessity that allows the teachers and the local organization to function and maintain the effectiveness of the teaching process. And there is never a charge for follow-up review.

When comparing the rising costs for medical intervention to the TSM course tuition, meditation instruction becomes a far more cost-effective investment, reducing health care needs and costs. Over time the benefits of meditation outweigh the initial cost to learn.

We provide a very professional service and teach our courses in a standardized, time-tested manner. Once learned, one becomes self-sufficient. One need not keep returning for support, clarification or behavior modification. The technique of meditation enables students to rid themselves of deep-rooted stresses and begin to make real and significant changes in their lives.

Some may be eligible for a payment plan and can discuss this after attending our free introductory lecture.

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