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Links for Self-Discovery and Wellness

As the events of each new day unfold we are seeing in real time the nation moving in a chaotic direction. I remember my Indian teacher describing crude, disorderly behavior. He would often remark how such an unaware person loves today and rises to fight tomorrow. They are only attached to material life. Disorder in their thinking often leads to bad decisions. The ego gets caught up in a cycle of vengeance, resentments and fear. Such a life provides no stability as it's not grounded in wholeness, awareness and fulfillment - all characteristics of one's higher self.

Our life need not be lost in disorder. Imagine having developed our inner potential to such an extent that we cease to believe in fear. There needs to be a foundation for thinking from a field of unlimited energy and intelligence, a state that spontaneously computes truth. This field is accessible to everyone and we have the right equipment to develop it. At this moment in life there is a great need to connect with that field. Everyone is overwhelmed by stress and fear so their attention is caught up in the attachments of outer life.

It takes a few months to enliven that field and bring it to a level of thought and action. In and of itself it lies outside the realm of thought. It's been called an inexhaustible reservoir of energy and intelligence, a field of pure intelligence, pure consciousness. One need not develop this state by hard work. The journey within is friction-less. The mind by nature moves toward source in an effortless manner.

Let's have the collective desire for transformation from a society in disorder to one in alignment with universal intelligence. The shift is one of expanded awareness and greater access to that underlying field that we are born to enjoy. Our simple method of meditation practice enables us to unlock our spiritual gifts.

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