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Free Video Conferencing Using Skype - Youtube Instruction

How to set up SKYPE on Mac:

How To Set Up SKYPE on PC (Windows 10):

Once Installed: Beginners Guide - How To Use Skype - Youtube Instruction:

Meditation Courses using Skype

We now offer lectures and instruction in TSM via the free video conferencing Skype. To date, our office has given hundreds of classes over the internet to students in countries throughout the world. Take the first step - A Free Introductory Lecture. This will enable you the opportunity to become more informed and thereby to make a decision about taking the instruction.

We've taught TSM Meditation courses via Skype for over 3 years. At first we had to adapt from an in-person format to teleconferencing. After several courses we were able to modify and improve our system of 'Skyping'. Now we are happy to report that our students are doing very well and Skype has proven to be effective on every level - teaching, learning and communicating in general.

When we began using Skype it was unclear if students were getting the maximum benefit. So we invited two friends who teach meditation to help us test it's effectiveness. We were in agreement - we didn't want to sacrifice any aspect of the teaching. After each class we would consult with each other to make sure we were giving students the same effective teaching. This resulted in improvements that we now pass on to every student. Now students often remark how learning via Skype gives them the feeling that we are all in the same room. Our goal is to make every class in TSM Meditation as effective as possible and not compromise this ancient wisdom tradition.

Lets Get Started ...

Getting started with Skype

Tips from Our Office

When You Have Everything Working

Skype has a system for all your contacts. Our Skype address or user name is mikescozzari. Send us a request from Skype and we will accept you. That’s all you need. You are ready to Skype!

Make an appointment

To schedule a free talk on Skype, determine the difference in time if any. We are in the U.S. in the Eastern Time Zone. You can determine the time difference by using a timezone calculator such as Time Zone Converter.

For example, if you are in London, you are usually 5 hours ahead of us in the U.S. This can vary when your local time moves ahead or back. The timezone calculator should take that into consideration and list the time difference of any particular day.


Be sure and follow the tips provided on the Skype website. Lighting is important so we can see you as is selecting a room where noise distraction is minimal. As for small children, pets, family members - take time to plan to have minimal distractions. We want your experience to be as pleasant as possible.

Course Fees for Instruction

If you decide to take the course after the free lecture, your instructor will explain everything regarding payment. We use Paypal. You are not required to give us your credit card number. We simply have Paypal send you their secure voucher by email and you make your payment. We immediately receive a proof of payment email from Paypal.