If a system of deep meditation such as TSM is practiced regularly, students enjoy reduced anxiety, depression, drug abuse, fatigue and unhappiness. Learning is easy and classes are offered regularly. Our teachers have been at it since 1970. Our center is here to help students develop their potential and live life in freedom from stress.

You are not required to join a club or even believe anything. TSM is effortless. One could be in a happy mood or a sad mood. It will not matter, TSM works regardless of mood or belief.

TSM Meditation is practiced twice a day. After taking a few lessons people start looking forward to each sitting. At the beginning of each day we meditate. This wakes the mind, settles the body and prepares us for more enjoyment. When the day is done, we practice again and wash away the stresses of the day. The body receives deep rest during meditation and this enables the system to recover from the stress of the day. It's an easy and natural system.