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Becoming More Enlightened, Awake And Aware

Living Happily In Peaceful Coexistence and Enlightenment

The Vision of Possibilities Series

The fruits of enlightenment show through the changes one experiences brought about by daily TSM Meditation morning and evening. Meditation causes changes in one’s life and that it is also life-changing.

The initial changes one experiences are usually superficial or external such as improved health, sounder sleep, or better attention and focus. However, there are deeper and more profound changes that come during the course of the regular practice of meditation, such as spiritual growth and expansion of one’s consciousness towards the consciousness of the universe. Practitioners of this method of meditation often speak of their experiences in a matter-of-fact way, but the changes they go through are ones that tear down barriers and bridge gaps between ages, generations, and cultures; the kind of deep inner changes that allow people to gain peace, warmth, gentleness, and compassion. They become liberated from their hurts and conflicts, and are better able to reconcile with their enemies.

Most people who learn TSM practice were not looking for spiritual growth or expansion of their consciousness when they first began; the majority were simply looking to unload some of the baggage from their minds and become a little more peaceful and happy. While this happens naturally along the way, people experience joy and are surprised as they become more enlightened, awake and aware.

This aspect of growth, a change that they neither expected nor thought possible, is a sort of awakening from within oneself, what the ancient wisdom traditions often call self realization. A natural state of inner contentment often grows and brings greater satisfaction to the restless seeker. A sense of calm about where we come from, why we live and where we go after we die slowly dawns. One naturally begins to live a life that reflects these realizations about the infinite and eternal universe, nature, and nature’s flow. It is this state of inner abundance that enables us to envision a life where it is possible for all people to awaken to their essential nature and live happily in peaceful coexistence.

Have you ever felt the desire to continue meditating and keep growing, but were unable to do so? We have a new program for you. It’s called 'The Vision of Possibilities Course' and it’s for every meditator who wants to enrich their daily practice. Make time for follow-up training after basic instruction. It’s important. Since most people are too busy our Center in Deerfield Beach has developed an easy solution. Reading spiritual books and attending so many different lectures is not a solution.

"When meditation is new, many students are open to the knowledge portion of the instruction, particularly if you've already been on a spiritual path. Many of my other students just meditate. I try to find a way to create the foundation that makes students want to meditate and continue the practice. This series addresses that need very well." – Mike S.

Personal development should have a proven track record and be time-tested. And it should include at it’s base the study and experience of pure consciousness. Perhaps you have felt that your basic course was ‘simply not enough’. In 4 lessons you barely scratch the surface. This new series of workshops offers students a way to develop a very strong knowledge foundation in short time. Results can be seen quickly. With more understanding meditation gets easier to accomplish and appreciate. This new course answers many questions that lie at the heart of the practice. Every meditation student deserves to ‘own’ this knowledge.

To attend this new series, give us your name and number. We are going to offer this class once a month to start. You can select from a day or evening class, a weeknight or Saturday Morning class.

Each session is 3 hours and costs $50. We have divided the course into 2 lessons for now. We believe this is the right time for going deep into the knowledge— so make plans to join us.

Here are some samples of what you will be learning when you attend the group class. All lessons are given in-person by certified teachers of TSM.

  • Meditation and tapping into our creative intelligence
  • Yoga Demonstration – Simple exercises that enhance meditation with written materials and visual aides.
  • Mechanics of the mind experiencing finer states of thought.
  • Relative and absolute: 2 aspects of life.
  • Gaining the absolute is the key to live 200% of life.
  • Philosophy of action:Yogastah kuru karmani.
  • Creating the basis for Ideal Behavior.
  • Capture the Fort - The Big Picture.
  • Breathing, the experience of Transcendental Consciousness and the Human Nervous System.
  • Why and How did the Absolute Manifest ?
  • The Nature of Love.
  • The Mechanics of Stress Release.
  • Pure Consciousness is not gained on the level of Thinking or Moods.
  • Development of Heart and Mind.
  • Loss and Revival of Knowledge – History and Time.
  • Reality changes in Different States of Consciousness.
  • Consciousness and the Nervous System.
  • Describing TSM to non-meditators.
  • Comprehension of Transcending.
  • Meditation and the Law of Attraction: How to enliven the Field of All Possibilities. Fulfilling our desires and enjoying a richer, more fulfilling quality of life.
  • Health and Healing: The Vedic prescription for health, happiness and longevity.

This series is adapted to growth of consciousness and attaining spiritual awareness. We believe this is the right time for going deep into the knowledge.

Follow-Up Programs

Once you have completed the basic course of instruction in Meditation, students have all the knowledge and experience they need to meditate at home on their own. Beyond that there is a thorough and comprehensive optional follow-up and support program.