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Is the workplace bad for your brain?

What impact does the business environment have on your brain and therefore on your personal and professional life?

High Stress long hours, bad diet, and substance abuse are facts of life in the workplace and all decrease brain integration. Recent brain research documents how the business environment can take a terrible toll on the brain of both the executive and employee and what can be done to reverse this damage and develop the total potential of the brain.

Stressful experiences lead to dysfunctions of the prefrontal cortex, critical areas regulating judgment, planning, decision making, moral reasoning, and sense of self. We need to reverse the debilitating effects of stress and promote health from within.

TSM can improve corporate performance. Creativity and productivity are the basis of progress in business and industry. Yet routine work and demanding job responsibilities can create stress which stifles creativity and performance. TSM eliminates stress and gives the experience of unbounded awareness, the field of unlimited creativity and dynamism that lives within each individual.

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  • Learn how to work smarter, not harder
  • Improve job performance - do less and accomplish more
  • Improved relationships at work
  • TSM - Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda for Performance and Satisfaction

From a company perspective, managers are seeking a reliable and effective way to develop their employees to be more creative, to cope with stress and to maintain peak mental and physical performance - to be more profitable.

From a personal perspective, individuals also want to have the energy to enjoy their personal and professional lives to the full.

TSM is ideally suited to fulfilling these needs. It brings a deep inner tranquility that is both relaxing and revitalizing. It dissolves stress and fatigue and gives access to a hitherto untapped potential of creativity, energy and intelligence.

A few minutes of TSM each day brings a wide range of practical benefits - a clearer and more creative mind, increased effectiveness, improved health, broader awareness greater happiness and more rewarding relationships.

TSM unfolds the inner resources needed to achieve the highest goals in life. This unique program is easy to implement and cost-effective. The benefits are both immediate and cumulative.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Achieve More by Doing Less. TSM is an invaluable tool for busy executives and professionals, because with increased energy comes the ability to achieve more. Greater calmness and confidence take the pressure and tension from responsibility. Clearer thinking, increased alertness and creativity, and more reliable intuition all contribute to better decisions with fewer mistakes.

TSM develops the inner stability that allows people to be more flexible and innovative in the face of the increasing pace of change. Other benefits for business include improvements in communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Investing in the creativity and health of personnel makes good business sense. By introducing TSM, companies can profit from the improvement in its management and work-force. TSM seeks to provide greater efficiency and productivity, and reduced cost due to illness, absenteeism and poor communication.

Benefits for Employees and Executives

This is a program of human resource development. It enables individuals to become strong people pulling together in the same direction. However, to work well with others, people must first feel good about themselves.

TSM contributes to more successful and more fulfilling relationships in many different ways. It reduces stress and tension - a major barrier to good communication. It naturally develops a more mature and tolerant personality. It develops broader awareness, greater happiness, and refined feelings and emotions.

All these result in a more positive and warm personality capable of enjoying deeper relationships and a richer personal life.

The few minutes spent every day taking care of oneself by practicing TSM Meditation increases the capacity to respond to the needs of family, friends and colleagues. There is a fundamental principle of life found in every culture throughout history - 'As you sow, so shall you reap'. It is always true that if we are more positive and open towards others, they reciprocate by becoming more open and positive towards us. In this way, the inner development brought about by TSM is reflected in more rewarding relationships of every type - business, family or social.


Successful business people excel by virtue of their creativity, breadth of awareness, organizing ability and strength of character. These skills and attributes are not the preserve of a gifted few; they can be systematically developed and enhanced by anyone to unfold that essential creative edge and leadership potential. The result is ever-increasing levels of success.

TSM promotes lateral thinking while at the same time combating migraine; innovative capacity is enhanced but anxiety is reduced; peak performance improves while fatigue, peak performance improves while fatigue, anxiety and sleep problems are reduced. TSM addresses every essential need to succeed and cope with modern life.

Creativity and productivity are the basis of progress in business and industry. Yet routine work and demanding job responsibilities can create stress which stifles creativity and performance.

TSM eliminates stress and gives the experience of unbounded awareness, unlimited creativity and dynamism that lies within each of us.

High performance and success can often come at a cost to health and happiness. With TSM, greater achievement and improved health go hand in hand. TSM promotes the ability to achieve by giving increased energy, vitality, enthusiasm, and endurance.

Successful Business Executives Practice Meditation and Get Big Results