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Treating Depression, Fear and Anxiety

Deepak ChopraDeepak Chopra, M.D. once described deep meditation and experiencing the self as the complete opposite of depression, fear and anxiety:

The self is different landscape, new scenery to absorb. As long as you are in that landscape, you will experience yourself as completely different.... The intense suffering you experience in your mind is a distraction from reality. The reality is that you can go to these peaceful islands any time you want. They are permanent parts of yourself; if you lived on them permanently, there would be no way for depression to touch you.
What meditation is teaching you is that reality, in the sense of wholeness, has a powerful pull. It is trying to call you home..... You are remembering yourself. Finding your true self is a very profound process, which has no end. Your body is listening to healthier signals now, and as long as you continue to take your mind back to it's source, over and over, the signals will get healthier and healthier. You've made a breakthrough. Getting well is just a matter of time.

Deepak Chopra