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TSM Meditation and Reduced Blood Pressure

Hans took meditation training in Transcendental Stress Management with us. His blood pressure came down 20 points in 3 months of regular meditation practice. His doctor was shocked!

"Transcendental Stress Management has been quite helpful to me. For one thing, it has been easing me away from stressful reactions in the day-to- day frenzy of life. Like that time I found myself laughing over a few broken dishes versus cursing about them. That was a major change in my knee-jerk reaction to stress. It's like a paradigm shift in personality.

I should also note that my lifestyle as a morning writer for a major network TV affiliate news station takes quite a toll on my system, as I sleep erratic hours, having to wake up as early as 3:30 in the morning in order to report to work. I sometimes used to nod off at the desk, but since I began meditating, that has simply stopped. I meditate at 4 a.m., right after my shower, and remain bright and alert and in a positive and patient mood throughout the entire -- sometimes stressful -- shift.

Also, I cannot forget to mention the significant health benefits it's had on me. I'm in my mid-30s now, and the time has come to really watch my chemistry profile, which includes my blood pressure. Meditation was part of a major overhaul in my lifestyle. Along with yoga, eating more consciously and regular exercise, my blood pressure has dropped significantly over a period of four months. At the beginning, all I did was yoga and meditation and, within a month, my blood pressure had already dropped eight points. I'm now in a more healthy exercise and diet routine and my pressure has dropped a total of nearly 20 points from it's highest point when doctors thought I should start taking medication! Now, I'm proud to say I remain medication free and the health professionals who had been seeing me are no longer concerned about my blood pressure.

Recently, I finished my Master's thesis paper for an English MA degree. Before meditation I continued to miss deadlines, as the writing dragged on for four years, but this year, at about my one-year anniversary of having begun meditation, I finished my paper and successfully defended my thesis for graduation! It was so effortless, I barely noticed this new positive outlook that had me driving toward a definitive goal. I simply found myself focused (with even less time available since my employer hired me full- time, by the way), and I finished with little sense of procrastination. Meditation has practically evaporated my desire to procrastinate! I now look forward to a new goal in my life with meditation as a steady source of positive energy to dip into on a regular, twice daily basis.
-- Hans M.

Published Research

Unlike Mindfulness Meditation, TSM produces deeper results in shorter time. Look at this study on Mindfulness Meditation and Reduced Blood Pressure. If Mindfulness can do it, so can TSM. And to anyone who claims their method of meditation is the only method proven to reduce high blood pressure, check out this research:

Mindfulness-based stress reduction helps lower blood pressure, study finds