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Follow-Up Programs

Once students have completed the basic course of instruction in TSM Meditation, they have all the knowledge and experience they need to meditate on their own at home. Beyond that there is a thorough and comprehensive optional follow-up and support program. Here are a few examples:

Basic Group Review - Checking

A brief review for meditation students recommended once a month for the first 6 months of practice and periodically thereafter. Held every other Tuesday in Deerfield Beach and elsewhere by appointment. Group and private sessions available.

This simple, step-by-step process establishes correct, effortless meditation and refreshes you in the basic instructions of how to practice TSM.

To get the most out of meditation, occasional or routine checking is important for all meditators. If you have been irregular in daily practice, have not meditated in a while, or are not sure if you are practicing correctly, checking is highly recommended. For a personal appointment, contact us at or schedule to join one of our group sessions offered regularly.

TSM Refresher Course

This course provides an opportunity to fully refresh your understanding and experience of TSM. The course consists of a comprehensive review of your original TSM course, including:

  • How to meditate correctly.
  • A deep understanding of the principles behind the many different experiences you have during the practice.
  • Questions and answers on your personal experiences.
  • Group checking of meditation.

There is no charge for this course — it is offered to all Meditation practitioners as part of their ongoing lifetime follow-up program.

Our center offers regular extended refresher courses throughout South Florida and now on the internet via Skype. Unlike our brief review (checking), the refresher focuses more on the mechanics of correct and incorrect practice of meditation. Offered quarterly.

Over the first few months of meditation practice, conveniently scheduled appointments will be set up with your TSM teacher to verify that your meditation practice is optimal and to answer any questions that may arise.

Your TSM course includes several additional recommended programs to enrich your understanding and experience and ensure that you are gaining maximum from your practice (See Advanced Programs Below).

Advanced Programs

Monthly Rejuvenation Day Courses

Our most popular follow-up program. Join us for a 1-day program of knowledge and extended meditation, held the second Saturday of each month, from 8:45 AM to 5:30 PM.

Bliss Technique Course

The TSM Bliss Technique is a mental process which includes mantra instruction and specific instructions in how to use it properly. Unlike the TSM technique, the bliss technique can be practiced any time of the day or night. It allows the mind and body to settle yes, but it stirs that level of pure joyfulness and directs that healing energy to specific areas of the body. It's easy but very specific.

In-Residence Retreats

Held periodically, these weekend in-residence retreats serve to deepen and enrich meditation practice while providing knowledge and information that supports growth of consciousness toward enlightenment. Events held in hotel or retreat facilities throughout south Florida.

Advanced Lecture Series

Our advanced Lecture series focuses on the theoretical framework of the TSM technique. There is a large body of knowledge offered and those practicing meditation regularly may attend at no charge. Sunday evenings at our center.

Advanced Meditation Instruction - Enrich Your Meditation

The purpose of Advanced Meditation Instruction is to take the experience to another, higher level. TSM Advanced Meditation Instruction is like fertilizers; fertilizers bring better fruit to every tree. To enjoy greater achievement and fulfillment in life, take advantage of this beautiful program of TSM Advanced Meditation Instruction to enrich the development of higher states of consciousness. Learn this simple change in your meditation practice. It’s now available to all who have been practicing meditation for at least 6 months or longer.

Vision of Possibilities Course

After meditation instruction, students are invited to attend our follow-up course titled 'The Vision of Possibilities Series'. This new series of workshops offers students a way to develop a very strong knowledge foundation in short time. You can see results. With more understanding meditation gets easy to accomplish. Perhaps you have felt that your basic course was 'simply not enough'. In 4 lessons you barely scratch the surface. This new course answers many questions that lie at the heart of the practice. Every meditation student deserves to 'own' this knowledge.