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Rejuvenation and Knowledge Day

Join us for a 1-day program of knowledge and extended meditation, held the second Saturday of each month, from 8:45 AM to 5:30 PM. Offered monthly in South Florida for the past 7 years.

When we take time off from work or school, it never truly delivers the rest we need. The degree of rest is never deep enough and the fatigue continues to build up in the body. It's not enough just taking oneself away from work for a while. True recreation allows for deep and natural rest. This is the real meaning of the word 'recreation'--activity and rest that are 'recreative'.

Our one-day program allows you to get deep rest and refreshment, as well as useful knowledge and deeper experiences with your meditation program. Students take 1 day for this course and return home that evening. This schedule has been very successful in meditation centers throughout the country with many meditators returning month after month.

We will begin with your regular morning practice of meditation at 8:45 AM. Following that we will rest for a period of time as we would at a similar residence course. Next there will be a group review in our main meeting room and an extended group meditation. Special HD video and audio lectures are included for the course and there will be time for discussion. We also feature big screen videos via the Internet.

We break for 90 minutes for lunch. After lunch you can enjoy our grounds with lake-side walking and quiet surroundings.

In the afternoon we begin again with the knowledge portion of the event, which includes a short group meditation and review. In addition, there are 2 more extended meditations. When we finish at 5:30, everyone will feel refreshed and meditation practice will truly be enhanced. Do this just for you. We ask for a contribution of $30 for each student. If you need a payment plan, let us know.

From Meditation Instructors Training on Extended Meditation:

The value of a day long course for a meditator is the value of knowledge to experience. One may have the experience of wearing a diamond on his neck, but he needs the knowledge that it's a very precious thing, and he is very fortunate, he is very exclusive that he has a diamond which nobody else has. This knowledge of the diamond makes the experience of the diamond very rich and enduring. Otherwise, if one doesn't have the understanding of the diamond, if one doesn't have the knowledge of the diamond, then one may even begin to feel the weight of the diamond. The real value in life grows from the experience of that pure consciousness, which we call 'transcendental consciousness.' But the experience, even though it may be very beautiful, without the proper understanding, may begin to be felt not so fortunate. That is why, for fulfillment in life, knowledge is very necessary along with experience.

People have been having some experience during meditation, and some experiences as a result of that during their activity in life. So, all the questions that people keep on carrying in their minds, in their hearts - what is this? - what is that? - questions get sorted out even when one goes for a short time. The value of the course is in clarifying the understanding about the experience that the people keep on accumulating through their daily meditations at home. It's very, very vital."

Question: How soon after a person begins the TSM program should he attend one of these courses?

Answer: "As soon as time would allow. We don't make it very compulsory, because people, when they begin to feel something is good, naturally desire for it more and more. So, that's why it's not a compulsory thing in our procedure of teaching. But, it's highly necessary, and also it's highly tempting!

Because, during the steps of learning the technique, one has barely been introduced to the procedure and the experience. After a few days, a few weeks, when one sits with those who have started to meditate maybe two years before, six months before, long-time meditators and new meditators, all sorts of questions come along during the residence courses, and one then begins to know wider applications of one's own individual experiences. It's a very highly educated program and highly necessary for one's evolution."

Relieve deep-rooted stress and strain and have a pleasant day of knowledge, friendship and great lectures and youtube presentations, all related to growth of consciousness.

Please RSVP this event via email at . Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours in advance. If you have ever taken a weekend residence course, you know the value of this routine. By accessing the body's natural ability to rest and heal, one gains a benefit that transcends talk, mood-making and even belief.