Classes in Your Home

Private TSM Meditation training sessions are held in the comfort of your home, your office, or our center in Deerfield Beach - your preference!

You can schedule a private at-home session for yourself, or with your friends. Unique classes can be tailored to meet your needs. Release your inner burdens and calm your mind and body.

We can assist you in reaching your specific goal of stress reduction and achieving overall wellness. Your personal session can be customized to your schedule - and all at your own pace.

Our certified instructors have been teaching meditation classes in the homes of our students for over 25 years. For many, learning in the privacy of one’s own home is easier and provides a chance to adapt the class to their own needs. People think meditation is a huge undertaking. Don't think of it like that. Meditation is not forcing your mind to be quiet; it's finding the quiet that is already there.

We believe every student can easily start practicing this meditation and in so doing, invite major changes into your life. Those changes start from within; maybe your practice alters the way you define personal integrity, or maybe it unleashes a deep longing in your heart or shows you beneficial truths you have been hiding from yourself. All our instruction is both simple and natural.

To set up a class in your home, contact us at or call 561 542-9200. Our classes are taught in a professional manner. In South Florida we work with a network of health care professionals who recommend us. We will be happy to provide you with their names and contact information.

Our fees are reasonable and there will be a slight charge for travel anywhere in South Florida, from Miami to Jupiter, Naples to Ft. Myers. If you are outside this area and have a group, ask us about group discounts, deposits and travel.

Classes in Our Center

Attend A Free Lecture

Private and Group Classes

Thursdays, 7:00 PM, Deerfield Beach Meditation Center - Call 954 354-0804 or 561 542-9200 for reservations and directions.

We are headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida and give free lectures throughout South Florida and the west coast.

I had a lot of company coming for the holidays and decided to give anyone that was interested a gift of having Mike teach them all to practice TSM Meditation. It was a wonderful experience for everyone, and gave us an oasis of calm and relaxation during the busyness of the season. Mike was a great instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable and was aware and attentive to each person and their special needs. His teaching approach helped each of us get to a deeper level of meditation than we could on our own. Without any need to guess, Mike provides instruction to suit each individual person. My family has decided to do all the recommended follow-up courses. This may become one of our annual family traditions during the holiday season!
- Rachel Miller, Boca Raton, FL