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Amrit Kalash

What are free radicals?

Oxidation is what causes cars to rust and food to spoil. In the body the same type chemical reaction is literally eating the cells of your body alive. The culprit is free radicals--volatile chemicals derived from oxygen.

Vitamins are not much help.

Some vitamins such as C, E and A help the body by neutralizing free radicals. Unfortunately, their contribution is minimal. For example, a molecule of a natural enzyme can scavenge 1000's of free radicals before it wears out. A molecule of vitamin E can only deactivate 1 free radical. A ravenous hoard of free radicals attacks every cell in the body. Scientists estimate that over 10,000 free radicals strike at each cell every day.

Here are some recent facts about Amrit Kalash, the most effective antioxidant :

  • Independent, published research on Amrit Kalash demonstrates that it is at least 1000 times more potent than vitamins C or E in neutralizing free radicals.
  • It's a powerful, effective way to reinforce the body's enzymes. Amrit wipes out all the different kinds of free radicals (unlike vitamins C and E, which only defuse one variety of free radicals).
  • Amrit works against fat and water radicals, both inside and outside the cells, protecting the whole body, elevating energy and creating balance.
  • Medical science has confirmed that there actually is one underlying cause of over 70% of all disease--free radicals--destructive molecular sharks that tear up the cells in our bodies and cause aging and disease.
  • Amrit Kalash is available in a paste/tablet formula. Both contain a month's supply of the original antioxidant formula scientifically verified to reduce free radicals in the body.

To Purchase

Amrit Kalash is available in both domestic and Indian formulas. Both contain the original antioxidant formula scientifically verified to reduce free radicals in the body. At a recent lecture at the Raj in Fairfield, Iowa, Hari Sharma, M.D., (Author, 'Freedom From Disease') commented on the additional benefits of the Indian formula.

I only carry the Indian formula. This product is packaged with the same volume but is not the same. It contains extra herbs not found in the domestic Amrit and sells for $88 (includes shipping). Send your payment of $88 to me payable WPBCAE, PO Box 4731, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, and we will ship it to you. If you would like to read more about Amrit Kalash, please request written materials from us (no charge), or read Hari Sharma, M.D., 'Freedom from Disease'. His book is available by mail order at MUM Press (1-800-831-6523).