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TSM Meditation Retreat Weekends

A Weekend Residence Course Retreat allows you to take extra time for deeper rest and clearer experiences of transcendental consciousness under the guidance of an experienced teacher of TSM.

The relaxing routine includes extended practice of meditation and group discussions about experiences in meditation and activity. We also show video/dvd lectures by Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and others on topics ranging from enlightened living, natural health strategies and developing one’s awareness. There is also time to meet other meditators and share experiences. The course fee covers room and tuition. Because we are able to get a group rate, we always pass on the savings to those attending.

Course Dates 2017

On Friday, August 11th to Sunday, August 13th, our Center is proud to confirm that we are having another weekend retreat, again in Naples at the Holiday Inn Downtown on 5th Avenue, five minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. Please join us. We have both single and double rooms available and each suite is spacious, clean and quiet.

To Apply for the residence course in Naples, you can apply by email or send us a stamped mailing. The course fee, which covers your room and 2-night stay, and entry to all classes as follows:

  • 1 Single private room: $340 per person
  • 1 Double room : $240 per person (2 beds, 2 person maximum)

Mail your Complete Payment now for Early Reservations. If received by us by July 28th, 2017, you can deduct 5% from the total for the entire weekend. We must comply with hotel requirements to reserve the rooms. Late payments can be mailed if you call us first. Do not apply to the hotel directly. When you check in at the front desk, just present a drivers license or other valid ID.

To Apply By Mail, Send a check or money order (no cash) payable to WPBCAE, P.O. Box 4731, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442. CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED - CALL 561 542-9200 to apply.

This will be our third retreat in three years. Course leader Mike Scozzari will conduct the course which will feature Gyanendra Mahapatra, M.D. as our special visiting guest instructor. He will return from Washington D.C. to teach the course with us. Maria Scozzari will be giving her favorite talk on "Meditation and the Development of our Spiritual Gifts". Simple relaxing Yoga Asana instruction will be available at no charge and will be conducted by certified yoga instructor, Erika Bondi.

The main feature of a TSM Retreat is deep rest and good, positive energy (See course description below) . When we get away from the day to day stress we feel the immediate effect of relaxation and ease. The effect of a group focused on stress reduction adds in a different way to the experience of greater coherence and deeper meditation.

During the course students will be taught a new way of practicing meditation for extended periods of time (explained below), producing very deep, restful meditation. This process is known as rounding and enables everyone to go very deep into the finer areas of meditation. There will be ample time for discussion and your participation is welcome. Mike and Dr. Mahapatra have already conducted over 100 such weekend retreats and will be available to help everyone gain maximum from the course.

Who Can Attend

If you have learned to practice TSM Meditation or a similar method of transcendence, you are welcome to attend the weekend. To apply to the weekend, contact us at Prices for August 11 to 13th are very reasonable: $340 for a single room and $240 per person for a double room (Payable to us, not the hotel). To learn to meditate before the weekend course, contact us at .

Note: We are considering another TSM Meditation Retreat for the last weekend in February, 2018. Details should be available by August of this year. However, expect higher hotel fees during the winter season here in South Florida.

Course organizers Maria and Mike Scozzari 561-542-9200.

What is a TSM Meditation Residence Course Retreat?

Take a Weekend for Yourself. Weekend Residence Courses are often held in a place of comfort and relaxation. The course routine provides a profound rest for body and mind, which supports the release of accumulated stress and tension. Many meditators take time for a Residence Course Retreat every year, claiming that just one weekend of deep rest recharges their batteries and keeps them going strong for months.

Add Knowledge to Experience

Knowledge and experience are like the two feet that carry us on a journey. As our experience grows, we need more knowledge to better understand and appreciate the full value of our experience. As our knowledge expands, it gives us a vision of possibilities and stirs a desire for deeper, even more fulfilling experiences.

Student Recalls First Residence Course Retreat

I vividly remember my first Residence Course. My mother and I were new Meditators, fresh with enthusiasm for our expanded perspective on life. When we heard about a course in Estes Park, Colorado, we were eager to see what it was all about.

Arriving at the mountain retreat, we settled into our rooms and then went to join the group for an introduction to the weekend’s schedule. No campfires, no canoeing, no hiking—this weekend in the mountains would be spent in extended meditation. Our meditations were punctuated by delicious meals, restful walks in the clear, high air and inspiring video lectures.

All this rest was a little foreign to us, but the course leaders explained that deep rest was the best thing we could do to remove the stress we had built up over the years. During that first course my mother must have removed a lot of stress. "I was so relaxed I kept falling asleep", she recalls.

My mom remembers how alert and alive she felt during the drive home and the days that followed. She says, “My senses, being rested, were so keen and alert, and life decisions became effortless. I was infused with peaceful confidence and delight in life. I wanted to go on a residence course every weekend. I felt a tremendous surge of energy and clarity”

We did go to another one not long after that—and we've enjoyed many more in the years that followed.

Deep Rest and Profound Knowledge

The course routine and extended meditation program offer a profound rest to mind and body and allow for very valuable release of stress and tension which benefits all aspects of daily life.

A Residence Course provides a quantum boost in your personal growth to enlightenment. It is an extremely restful yet interesting and enjoyable way to spend a weekend. A leisurely schedule of videos, good food and extended practice of meditation cater to your body's craving for deep rest and delicious nourishment and your minds desire for deeper experience and more profound understanding of your meditation practice.

Student Comments from Past Courses

The residence course was a wonderful experience for me and I feel different. A lot calmer. Besides the meditation, I gained a lot of knowledge...(and a)...profound realization...that " this (me) is only one manifestation of the 'I' Makes me realize that everything I go through is transitory. Only the "I" is unbounded. This is quite elevating! Most of all I enjoyed your company and the other meditators. I felt incredible positive energy all around. I continue to experience it. Thank you very much for organizing this retreat and I look forward to the next one. - A.K.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...I am so grateful for what you did for all of us this past weekend. Your devotion to world enlightenment made such a difference to me. I am truly appreciating the serenity and revelations I experienced...It's not an experience that is easily put into words...because it is such a profound and unique event. You deliver the message of enlightenment with incredible effectiveness. You made each of us feel comfortable, as we entered this extraordinary journey. It was one of the most important and transformational weekends I have ever had. I have never felt the benefits meditation so clearly as I do now. I would love to return. Once again, thank you so much! - D.C.

I really enjoyed my SELF on the course, and I'm still feeling the benefits. - L.H.

I feel great about the weekend. The benefits will become better and better as long as I keep going on the practice. I intend to. I will be coming to other retreats. Again thank you for everything. -M.E.

Thank you for the wonderful Residence Course! I have been completely transformed. I had been experiencing a lot of stress and deep anxiety in my life lately. After the course, I feel rejuvenated, more calm, peaceful and grounded. The asanas and the pranayamas we were taught have helped me tremendously. In addition, I was deeply moved with the profound knowledge of the Veda. I would like to thank you for your patience and dedication. Everyone that I have spoken so far who attended the course experienced deep rest, rejuvenation and bliss. - E.K.

I am a full-time Ph.D. student and a part-time business consultant. A residence course always helps me to work and study more efficiently. - P.T.

This is the only real rest I get! The benefits last for several weeks or longer. - K.F.

It helps you unwind and get your bearings. As the course comes to a close, the worries of the world seem obscure. - J.S.

Deep rest was the best thing we could do to remove the stress.

The Weekend Residence Course allowed me to get back in touch with a simpler way of being and living that I had overlooked for far too long.

It helps you unwind and get your bearings. As the course comes to a close, the worries of the world seem far away.

I had been experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. After the course I felt rejuvenated and more calm, peaceful, and grounded.

A Residence Course is a great way to release your stress and get deep rest. Usually you come back from a vacation exhausted. Here is a weekend where you come back refreshed and invigorated in mind and body. It is the most relaxing vacation you can take.

The Relationship of Knowledge and Experience

The real value in life grows from the experience of pure consciousness. But the experience, even though it may be very beautiful, without proper understanding may not be fully appreciated.

During the first steps of learning to practice meditation, one has barely been introduced to the procedure and the experience. When one sits with those who started to meditate two years before, six months before, long-time meditators and new meditators, all sorts of questions come up. One then begins to know wider applications of one's own individual experiences. This is a very important thing that develops on residence courses; all meditators together, and everyone talking from his level of understanding about his or her experiences. It's a highly educational program and highly necessary for one's evolution. Remove deeply-rooted stresses and deepen your experience of Pure Consciousness in meditation. Attend a Residence Course and discover the benefits.

Advanced Meditation Training with Dr. Mahapatra

For those who would like to take personal instruction in Advanced Meditation, Dr. Mahapatra will meet with you during our residence course weekend on Saturday August 12th at 3 PM, or Sunday at 1:30 PM. This course will finish in two hours. Those not taking the weekend with us are welcome to sit in on his course at 3 PM Saturday. Read more.