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TSM Newsletters

Annual Newsletter 2021 (PDF). Brain Researchers Identify 3 Different Types Of Meditation, Tips For Gaining Maximumum From Meditation, Advanced & Introductory Courses Reviewed - Zoom Classes Announced, Meditation for Spiritual Transformation.

Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Newsletter (PDF). Saturday Morning Workshops, Advanced Meditation Courses with Dr. Mahapatra, Free Refresher Courses, Quotes for Enlightened Living, New Sutra Course with Dr. Mahapatra, Spiritual Healing Retreats in Brazil, TSM Meditation Center Activities, Bliss Technique Course, TSM Network of Professionals.

Spring 2017 to Winter 2018 Newsletter (PDF). Meditation Retreat Weekend Ft. Lauderdale, Advanced Meditation Courses with Dr. Mahapatra,TSM Meditation Center Activities, Ask Deepak Chopra on Meditation Research, Consciousness: Our Essential Nature, 3 Reasons to Meditate, TSM Network of Professionals.

Spring 2016 to Winter 2017 Newsletter (PDF). Deepak Chopra on Meaningful Coincidence, Courses In English, Cursos de Meditación en Español, Weekend Retreat in Naples, Advanced Courses in September with Dr. Mahapatra.

Summer 2015 to Winter 2016 Newsletter (PDF). Meditation Retreat in Naples Florida, Introductory and Follow-Up Courses, Special Events, Quotes for Enlightened Living, Yoga Classes, Meditation News.

Fall 2014/Winter 2015 TSM Newsletter (PDF). Enlightened living and improved quality of life through meditation instruction, advanced courses and follow-up.

2014 Annual Newsletter (PDF). The Opposite of Depression, Fear and Anxiety; Rejuvenation Day Courses; Deepak Chopra on Negotiating Peace; Treating Sleeplessness; Meditation Repair Courses; Dr. Mahapatra Returns; Owning Your Emotions.

2013 Annual Newsletter (PDF). Tips on Meditation Practice, Ayurvedic Consults with Lisa Raskin, D.C., Dr. Mahapatra Returns in June, Vision of Possibilities Courses, Quotes for Enlightened Living.

2012 Annual Newsletter (PDF). Overcoming Addictions, Advanced Meditation Instruction, Private Ayurvedic Consults, Celebrity Meditators, Quotes for Enlightened Living, Refreshers and Group Events, One-to-One Yoga Classes, Vedic Siddhis Course.

2011 Annual Newsletter (PDF). Monthly E-Newsletters, Advanced Courses, Meditation Today, Refined Perception, Refreshers and Group Events, 4th State of Consciousness, Reasons to Learn.

2009 Annual Newsletter. Refresher and Introductory Courses, Ayurveda Workshops, Advanced Courses, Dr. Deepak Chopra On The Need For 2 Types of Rest - Health, Meditation and Stress.