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Meditation Changed Multiple Personality Disorder

TSM Meditation Practice Creates the Conditions for a Natural Healing by Connecting Us with the Ultimate Healer - the Self.

A few years ago I recounted in a thread on Facebook of a personal experience involving one of my meditation students who had a rare disorder we all know called Multiple Personality Disorder. She called to say she had just finished reading Deepak Chopra's Quantum Healing. Here Dr. Chopra attempts to explain the extraordinary findings involving people suffering with multiple personality disorder.

What has fascinated science is the mystery involving those diagnosed with the disorder. A person can be a diabetic in one personality and when this personality changes to another, their diabetic symptoms often disappear. So for a person with multiple personality disorder, they could be a diabetic requiring insulin injections in one personality, and when in another personality, their pancreas appears to function normally and no injections are needed! Some who had food allergies to strawberries in one personality could eat an entire bowl in another personify without skin eruptions or other allergenic reactions.

TSM Meditation Training Results In Unexpected Improvements

Nancy was 36, married with one son. Her Multiple Personality Disorder required she get help from both a psychiatrist (MD) and psychotherapist. She was unable to work even though she had a masters from UC Berkley in Biology. Her disorder, she explained, included at least 4 different personalities. One was allergic to strawberries, the others were not, one liked to shoplift and wore racy dresses. When she was arrested for shoplifting, her psychiatrist explained to the court how Nancy was unaware of the crime she committed because this personality was part of a collection of separate and specific personalities. The judge, in a serious but lighthearted attempt to be fair, asked the psychiatrist, "OK but who do I assign the penalty of community service to?"

This is where Nancy and I met up for her meditation instruction in Florida. Another couple signed up for the class and joined us. They were unaware of Nancy's unique condition. It is estimated that only 1 in 10 million have been diagnosed as multiples. Most psychiatrists believe it to a break within the component parts that make up one’s primary or host personality.

Within two days after instruction in TSM Meditation Nancy announced to our group, "When we meditate we all go to the same place to think". Now, this might not seem like much, but WE! She explained further: "When I find myself in deep meditation, all of my personalities stop trying to emerge and take over. For the first time I am in a place where I love myself and this is a first in memory for me". The others sitting nearby were briefed about Nancy’s problem. Until then they were clueless.

Over the next few days Nancy reported how she was able to sleep through the night without violent nightmares. Her husband confirmed this for us. I suspect true healing had begun.

A year later I was giving a public talk at a Barnes and Noble nearby. A woman approached me afterwards to say she was Nancy’s psychotherapist. She explained what a huge benefit meditation had provided for Nancy, that she was free of prescribed medication and was now responding to conventional psychological treatment. Her final comment was that she regretted not doing a case study worthy of publication. According to her, Nancy was healing from within and everything else was starting to fall into place.

What is personality? How is it created and maintained? Where is it's basis in the functioning of both mind and body? For me, Deepak Chopra provides the best answer. We heal from wholeness of life. Consciousness creates personality. Meditation practice creates the conditions for natural healing by connecting us with the ultimate healer - the Self. - Mike Scozzari