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A Young Man's Journey To Healing

About 20 years ago, Deepak Chopra referred a meditation student to me when I was working with him as tour coordinator. The problem: A young man had frequent panic attacks. A psychiatrist who was treating him determined the trigger was the smell of smoke. Every time he was near smoke he would need to go and unwind the anxiety that was crippling his activity. Even while at picnics, which are usually fun, the panic would return once the barbecue grill was started. This was the result of a childhood trauma apparently, a frightening experience he had when he was trapped in a burning building. He was rescued unharmed - at least physically. Prescription drugs provided little relief and therapy was only useful in identifying the cause.

So he began regular meditation, practiced for 2-3 months and started noticing he was no longer responding negatively to the smell of smoke. He was starting to release those deep rooted stresses that he lived with for so many years. And there was no need to analyze the situation to get the result. We transcend the problem to fix it. Consciousness is the operating system that resets the mind/body system, not the constant reviewing, worry and talk about it. The solutions are found when the mind and body return back to source where all possibilities reside. We need not carry the past into our present unless it benefits us. If joyfulness is our permanent address, we should take the time to reconnect with it, that pure, immovable state of bliss - what the ancient rishis call 'Sat Chit Ananda'. Mike Scozzari

All we can perceive, experience, think about, is the surface layer of reality, less than the tip on an iceberg. Underneath the surface appearance, everything is not only connected with everything else, but also with the Source of all life out of which it came.

Scientific Research On Meditation Series

Meditation helps reduce symptoms of panic disorder.

In a research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 22 patients diagnosed with anxiety disorder or panic disorder were submitted to 3 months meditation and relaxation training. As a result, for 20 of those patients the effects of panic and anxiety had reduced substantially, and the changes were maintained at follow-up.Source: American Journal of Psychiatry

Our physical and energy bodies become tense and damaged through stress, old injuries, poor nutritional habits, lack of circulation, and emotions we feel we cannot control. TSM Meditation can help reverse the effect of this damage by developing an inner sense of peace and relaxation, as well as an ability to handle stress before it creates physical damage in the body. Meditation heals your physical and energy body, quieting the mind and uniting you with your own inner healing system and wisdom.